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Category Description

    Data items in the EMD_MAP category record parameters of the CCP4 binary-format map file header
    parameters derived from the map header, pixel size, contour level, and annotation details from the depositor.
    The map is a three-dimensional array of data-values of the same data-type.
    Important parameters are data-type and  array size in three dimensions
    (i.e. the number of columns, rows and sections).
    Columns are the fastest changing, followed by rows and sections.

Category Example                    1
    _em_map.entry_id               1ABC
    _em_map.annotation_details    'D7 structure of Groel at 4.2 Angstrom resolution'
    _em_map.format                CCP4
    _em_map.size_kb               32002
    _em_map.axis_order_fast       X
    _em_map.axis_order_medium     Y
    _em_map.axis_order_slow       Z
    _em_map.cell_alpha            90.0
    _em_map.cell_beta             90.0
    _em_map.cell_gamma            90.0
    _em_map.cell_a                212.0
    _em_map.cell_b                212.0
    _em_map.cell_c                212.0
    _em_map.data_type             'Image stored as Reals'
    _em_map.dimensions_col        200
    _em_map.dimensions_row        200
    _em_map.dimensions_sec        200
    _em_map.origin_col            -100
    _em_map.origin_row            -100
    _em_map.origin_sec            -100
    _em_map.pixel_spacing_x       1.06
    _em_map.pixel_spacing_y       1.06
    _em_map.pixel_spacing_z       1.06
    _em_map.symmetry_space_group  1
    _em_map.spacing_x             200
    _em_map.spacing_y             200
    _em_map.spacing_z             200
    _em_map.statistics_minimum    -0.965912
    _em_map.statistics_maximum    2.42436
    _em_map.statistics_average    0.0668982
    _em_map.statistics_std        0.23771