Data Category pdbx_validate_peptide_omega


Category name
Required in PDB entries
Category group membership
pdbx_group  validate_group
Used in current PDB entries
Yes, in about 11.8 % of entries

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Category Description

    Data items in the PDBX_VALIDATE_PEPTIDE_OMEGA category list the
    residues that contain peptide bonds deviate
    significantly from both cis and trans conformation.
    cis bonds, if any, are listed on cispep records.
    trans is defined as 180 +/- 30 and
    cis is defined as 0 +/- 30 degrees.

Category Example

   1    0 A ASP  414 . .  A ARG  413 . .     147.84
   2    0 B ASN  289 . .  B ALA  288 . .     -39.12