Data Category pdbx_entity_src_gen_depositor_info


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Category Description

               Data items in the PDBX_ENTITY_SRC_GEN_DEPOSITOR_INFO category record details of
               the source from which the entity was obtained in cases
               where the source was genetically manipulated.  The
               following are treated separately:  items pertaining to the tissue
               from which the gene was obtained, items pertaining to the host
               organism for gene expression and items pertaining to the actual
               producing organism (plasmid).

Category Example

    1 1  1   364 'Escherichia coli'    'b4034, JW3994'   83333  'Escherichia coli' 562 ? plasmid pGEX6p-2RBS
    2 1  365 370 'synthetic construct'  ?                32630  'Escherichia coli' 562 ? plasmid pGEX6p-2RBS
    3 1  371 529 'Homo sapiens'        'malE, PTHR1'     9606   'Escherichia coli' 562 ? plasmid pGEX6p-2RBS
    4 1  530 535 'synthetic construct'  ?                32630  'Escherichia coli' 562 ? plasmid pGEX6p-2RBS