Data Category phasing_MIR_der_refln


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Category Description

               Data items in the PHASING_MIR_DER_REFLN category record details
               about the calculated structure factors obtained in an MIR
               phasing experiment.

               This list may contain information from a number of different
               derivatives; _phasing_MIR_der_refln.der_id indicates to which
               derivative a given record corresponds. (A derivative in this
               context does not necessarily equate with a data set; see the
               definition of the PHASING_MIR_DER category for a
               discussion of the meaning of derivative.)

               It is not necessary for the data items describing the measured
               value of F to appear in this list, as they will be
               given in the PHASING_SET_REFLN category. However, these
               items can also be listed here for completeness.

Category Example

    _phasing_MIR_der_refln.index_h         6
    _phasing_MIR_der_refln.index_k         1
    _phasing_MIR_der_refln.index_l        25
    _phasing_MIR_der_refln.der_id         HGPT1
    _phasing_MIR_der_refln.set_id       'NS1-96'
    _phasing_MIR_der_refln.F_calc_au     106.66
    _phasing_MIR_der_refln.F_meas_au     204.67
    _phasing_MIR_der_refln.F_meas_sigma    6.21
    _phasing_MIR_der_refln.HL_A_iso       -3.15
    _phasing_MIR_der_refln.HL_B_iso       -0.76
    _phasing_MIR_der_refln.HL_C_iso        0.65
    _phasing_MIR_der_refln.HL_D_iso        0.23
    _phasing_MIR_der_refln.phase_calc    194.48