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Category Description

               Data items in the GEOM_TORSION category record details about
               torsion angles as calculated from the
               contents of the ATOM, CELL and SYMMETRY data.

               The vector direction _geom_torsion.atom_site_id_2 to
               _geom_torsion.atom_site_id_3 is the viewing direction, and the
               torsion angle is the angle of twist required to superimpose the
               projection of the vector between site 2 and site 1 onto the
               projection of the vector between site 3 and site 4. Clockwise
               torsions are positive, anticlockwise torsions are negative.

               Ref: Klyne, W. & Prelog, V. (1960). Experientia, 16, 521-523.

Category Example

     C(9)   O(2)    C(7)    C(2)     71.8  .  .  .  .      yes
     C(7)   O(2)    C(9)    C(10)  -168.0  .  .  .  2_666  yes
     C(10)  O(3)    C(8)    C(6)   -167.7  .  .  .  .      yes
     C(8)   O(3)    C(10)   C(9)    -69.7  .  .  .  2_666  yes
     O(1)   C(1)    C(2)    C(3)   -179.5  .  .  .  .      no
     O(1)   C(1)    C(2)    C(7)     -0.6  .  .  .  .      no

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