Data Category pdbx_validate_close_contact


Category name
Required in PDB entries
Category group membership
pdbx_group  validate_group
Used in current PDB entries
Yes, in about 46.8 % of entries

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Category Description

    Data items in the PDBX_VALIDATE_CLOSE_CONTACT category list the
    atoms within the entry that are in close contact with regard
    the distances expected from either covalent bonding or closest
    approach by van der Waals contacts. Contacts within
    the asymmetric unit are considered.

    For those contacts not involving hydrogen a limit of
    2.2 angstroms is used. For contacts involving a hydrogen atom
    a cutoff of 1.6 angstroms is used.

Additional Descriptive Information for Depositors

 Atoms involved in a close contact.  Format is ATOM (RESIDUE_NAME RESIDUE_NUMBER CHAIN_ID), e.g., OG (SER 195 A).

Category Example

   1     1     .  B  VAL     36  .  .       .  B  ARG    108  .  .         2.16
   2     1     .  B  ARG    108  .  .       .  B  VAL     36  .  .         2.16