Data Item _phasing_MIR_der.R_cullis_acentric


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Yes, in about 0.007 % of entries

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Residual factor Rcullis,acen for acentric reflections for this derivative. The Cullis R factor was originally defined only for centric reflections. It is, however, also a useful statistical measure for acentric reflections, which is how it is used in this data item. sum| |Fphobs +/- Fpobs| - Fhcalc | Rcullis,acen = ---------------------------------------- sum|Fphobs - Fpobs| Fpobs = the observed structure-factor amplitude of the native Fphobs = the observed structure-factor amplitude of the derivative Fhcalc = the calculated structure-factor amplitude from the heavy-atom model sum is taken over the specified reflections Ref: Cullis, A. F., Muirhead, H., Perutz, M. F., Rossmann, M. G. & North, A. C. T. (1961). Proc. R. Soc. London Ser. A, 265, 15-38.

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