Data Category em_map_surface_rendering


Category name
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Category group membership
em_group  em_map_group
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Category Description

    Data items in the EM_MAP_SURFACE_RENDERING category record details
    about surface rendering of the map. The surface of the map has to
    be defined and 'rendered' to make understandable images. The quality
    of the structure can be judged visually by looking at the high-resolution
    texture of the molecular surface. It can make sense to threshold/interpret
    data to 100% (or up to 120%) of the expected volume of the molecular assembly
    which has been calculated from the molecular mass. To emphasize the fine 
    structures in the map thresholding values as little as 25% may be used. 

Category Example                               1 
  _em_map_surface_rendering.map_id                           1
  _em_map_surface_rendering.method                           .
  _em_map_surface_rendering.threshold_volume_mol_wt          .
  _em_map_surface_rendering.details                          . 
  _em_map_surface_rendering.map_files_id                   file1