Data Item _exptl_crystal_grow.details


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Yes, in about 0.004 % of entries

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A description of special aspects of the crystal growth.
                                  Solution 2 was prepared as a well solution and
                                  mixed. A droplet containing 2 \ml of solution
                                  1 was delivered onto a cover slip; 2 \ml of
                                  solution 2 was added to the droplet without
                                  Crystal plates were originally stored at room
                                  temperature for 1 week but no nucleation
                                  occurred. They were then transferred to 4
                                  degrees C, at which temperature well formed
                                  single crystals grew in 2 days.
                                  The dependence on pH for successful crystal
                                  growth is very sharp. At pH 7.4 only showers
                                  of tiny crystals grew, at pH 7.5 well formed
                                  single crystals grew, at pH 7.6 no
                                  crystallization occurred at all.

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