Data Item _reflns.pdbx_Rpim_I_all


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Required in PDB entries
Used in current PDB entries
Yes, in about 11.7 % of entries

Item Description

The precision-indicating merging R factor value Rpim, for merging all intensities in this data set. sumi [1/(Ni - 1)]1/2 sumj | Ij - <Ii> | Rpim = -------------------------------------------------- sumi ( sumj Ij ) Ij = the intensity of the jth observation of reflection i <Ii> = the mean of the intensities of all observations of reflection i Ni = the redundancy (the number of times reflection i has been measured). sumi is taken over all reflections sumj is taken over all observations of each reflection. Ref: Diederichs, K. & Karplus, P. A. (1997). Nature Struct. Biol. 4, 269-275. Weiss, M. S. & Hilgenfeld, R. (1997). J. Appl. Cryst. 30, 203-205. Weiss, M. S. (2001). J. Appl. Cryst. 34, 130-135.

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float item types are the subset of numbers that are the floating numbers.
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Regular expression

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0.01 0.173