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Yes, in about 5.7 % of entries

Item Description

A complete description of each NMR sample. Include the concentration and concentration units for each component (include buffers, etc.). For each component describe the isotopic composition, including the % labeling level, if known. For example: 1. Uniform (random) labeling with 15N: U-15N 2. Uniform (random) labeling with 13C, 15N at known labeling levels: U-95% 13C;U-98% 15N 3. Residue selective labeling: U-95% 15N-Thymine 4. Site specific labeling: 95% 13C-Ala18, 5. Natural abundance labeling in an otherwise uniformly labeled biomolecule is designated by NA: U-13C; NA-K,H

Item Example

2mM Ribonuclease  U-15N,13C; 50mM phosphate buffer NA; 90% H2O, 10% D2O

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