Data Item _pdbx_nmr_representative.selection_criteria


Item name
Category name
Attribute name
Required in PDB entries
Required for PDB deposition
Used in current PDB entries
Yes, in about 5.8 % of entries

Item Description

By highlighting the appropriate choice(s), describe the criteria used to select this structure as a representative structure, or if an average structure has been calculated describe how this was done.

Additional Descriptive Information for Depositors

 Select the appropriate phrase to describe the criteria used to select this as the representative structure. Or, if an average structure has been calculated, describe the method used to do this.

Item Example

The structure closest to the average.
The structure with the lowest energy was selected.
The structure with the fewest number of violations was selected.
A minimized average structure was calculated.

Data Type

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char item types / multi-word items ...
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Regular expression
[][ \t_(),.;:"&<>/\{}'`~!@#$%?+=*A-Za-z0-9|^-]*
Values limited by enumeration list

Controlled Vocabulary at Deposition

Allowed Value Details
closest to the average
fewest violations
lowest energy
medoid most similar to other models
minimized average structure
target function


Alias Item Name Dictionary Name Dictionary Version
_rcsb_nmr_representative.selection_criteria cif_rcsb.dic 1.1