Data Item _pdbx_database_related.db_name


Item name
Category name
Attribute name
Required in PDB entries
Required for PDB deposition
Used in current PDB entries
Yes, in about 61.3 % of entries

Item Description

The name of the database containing the related entry.

Additional Descriptive Information for Depositors

     The name of the database containing the related entry.

Item Example

PDB  - Protein Databank
NDB  - Nucleic Acid Database
BMRB - BioMagResBank
EMDB - Electron Microscopy Database
BMCD - Biological Macromolecule Crystallization Database
TargetTrack - Target Registration and Protocol Database
SASBDB - Small Angle Scattering Biological Data Bank

Data Type

Data type code
Data type detail
code item types/single words ...
Primitive data type code
Regular expression

Controlled Vocabulary at Deposition

Allowed Value Details
BIOISIS associated SAS data
BMCD associated structure factors
BMRB associated NMR restraints,unspecified
EMDB associated EM volume,other EM volume
NDB unspecified
PDB re-refinement,unspecified,derivative structure,complete structure,split,ensemble,minimized average structure,native structure,representative structure,split
PDB-Dev unspecified
SASBDB associated SAS data
TargetDB unspecified
TargetTrack unspecified


Alias Item Name Dictionary Name Dictionary Version
_rcsb_database_related.db_name cif_rcsb.dic 1.1