Data Item _pdbx_struct_conn_angle.ptnr2_symmetry


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Item Description

Describes the symmetry operation that should be applied to the atom specified by _pdbx_struct_conn_angle.ptnr2_label* to generate the second partner in the structure angle.

Data Type

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symop item types take the form n_klm, where n refers to the symmetry operation that is applied to the coordinates in the ATOM_SITE category identified by _atom_site_label. It must match a number given in _symmetry_equiv_pos_site_id. k, l, and m refer to the translations that are subsequently applied to the symmetry transformed coordinates to generate the atom used. These translations (x,y,z) are related to (k,l,m) by k = 5 + x l = 5 + y m = 5 + z By adding 5 to the translations, the use of negative numbers is avoided.
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